Why You Need To Take Advantage Of Vertical Video Today

Are you a content creator or a social media influencer who wishes they would have started YouTube or Instagram before they became oversaturated? Vertical Video is the new video art form and IGTV is it's home. Dominate the new way of making video by learning everything there is to know about vertical video and how to apply it to IGTV, Facebook and Instagram.
Why You Need To Take Advantage Of Vertical Video Today
  • Benjamin Brandon

    Instructor Bio:

    Benjamin Brandon is a product of the Los Angeles film community. Born and raised in Van Nuys, California his wild imagination and love for movies drove him to attend the Art Institute of Los Angeles and UCLA Film Academy to pursue digital filmmaking & video production. Shortly after studying all of the fundamentals of filmmaking, Benjamin had a desire to create films in his own unique way. It was not until most recently, he began to turn heads by growing a following on social media due to his vertical films. He realized there was potential in telling a visual story, vertically. Benjamin also understood early on; people were consuming the majority of their favorite online video content on smartphones. With that, he went all in creating vertical films about everything he could think of. Today, this has led Benjamin to obtain over 15,000 fans and followers from various social media platforms in less than 10 months. He is most popular on Instagram’s new IGTV platform, becoming the first non celebrity to obtain over 100,000 views on a channel within the first 6 weeks. There is no end in sight for Benjamin’s recent success with Vertical Filmmaking, as most are calling him "The King Of Vertical Filmmaking."

    Benjamin Brandon

    IGTV Influencer